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A Palette for Murder -- Vanessa A. Ryan
A Palette for Murder
Available in Audio

The Legacy of Fear -- Vanessa A. Ryan
Available for Order

The Legacy of Fear Horror at the Lake -- Vanessa A. Ryan
Available for Order

Blood of Redemption -- Vanessa A. Ryan
Available for Order


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Welcome page

Welcome to my website!

Like most writers, I grew up spending much of my free time reading––anything––novels, cereal boxes, even volumes of Will and Ariel Durant's The Story of Civilization. At one time, I thought I'd grow up to be a historian or an archeologist, because I loved history, especially ancient history. I put some of that in my vampire trilogy, Horror At The Lake, A Vampire Tale, from Permuted Press.

The Legacy Of Fear, Book 1 of Horror At The Lake, A Vampire Tale trilogy is available now.

The Trail Of Terror, Book 2 of Horror At The Lake, A Vampire Tale trilogy is available now.

The Blood Of Redemption, Book 3 of Horror At The Lake, A Vampire Tale trilogy is available now.

What people are saying about The Legacy Of Fear, Book 1 of Horror At The Lake, A Vampire Tale:

"Remember what life felt like in the small town in Hitchcock's THE BIRDS? Now combine that with the village insularity and suspicious nature of VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED. That's the intuitive feeling of this story, for me."

"...a quick, entertaining tale that spreads a new-fangled twist on the vampire mythos, one that history, horror, and vampire lovers will gladly sink their teeth into over and over again."

The next book in this series, The Trail Of Terror, Book 2 of Horror At The Lake, A Vampire Tale continues the saga of Susan Runcan and her search for meaning in her shadowy world. Now available from Permuted Press.

Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys mysteries were early favorites of mine. I always hoped I'd find some slip of paper on the sidewalk, which was a clue to a real-life mystery I could solve. Of course, that never happened. But I read every mystery novel I could find. And now I've written one of my own, A Palette For Murder. A Palette For Murder is the first novel in the Lana Davis Mystery series, published April 2015, from Five Star Publishing/Thorndike Press. Soon you will be able to listen to the audible version of A Palette for Murder. Watch for it in early 2017 exclusively on Amazon. Check my blog for more information.

What the critics are saying about A Palette For Murder:

"An insurance claims agent is drafted to play detective, first by her own company and later by the owner of a tony art gallery. . . good fun." Kirkus Review 2/15/2015

"As Lana uncovers infidelity, art forgery, and theft while she investigates the gallery's employees and customers, several people are murdered and she is attacked. Framed with details of the culture of Santa Fe and that city's art scene, this mystery will appeal to those who enjoyed The Blank Canvas by Glen Ebisch." Booklist Review 3/1/2015

As a kid, I liked writing short stories and plays, even acting in some of those plays. And acting is something I enjoy today, whenever I'm fortunate enough to book a part. But when I went to college, I studied art, another passion of mine. I became a painter and sculptor, leaving my storytelling ability behind. Until one day, someone said, "Tell me more of your stories." I didn't realize I was still doing that. So I began writing them down again. Some of those novels are now published, but I still have many more stories to write. So watch this site for new releases.

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Thanks for stopping by,

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